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Making the invisible, visible

Your brain is no longer a mystery. With Mendi you can see and control your brain activity, create new habits and ultimately enjoy better brain health and mental well-being.

Measure your brain activity

The comfortable Mendi headband is fitted with non-intrusive sensors that bring your brain activity to life.

When you put the headband on, the sensors measure your oxygenated blood flow and neural activity.

Visualize and train your brain

See your brain activity visualized in Mendi’s training game. You control the game using only your brain, simply by focusing. Mendi makes brain training tangible and visible.

Make the ball rise and earn points. These are both signs you’re increasing your brain activity and strengthening your neural pathways. The goal? Better brain performance and mental well-being.

Track your progress and improve performance

Measure your progress, compare your results over time, and track specific improvements you’re seeing – whether it’s in your focus, mood, sleep, or something else. 

Add tags and notes to your sessions to record your experiences and enhance your journey towards better brain health.

The most powerful brain health partner

Mendi is your complete brain health partner, combining powerful hardware with leading-edge software. And it’s always evolving – regular updates mean you get new features to maximize your brain health and well-being.

  • General Training

  • Special Training

  • Track Progress

  • Lifestyle Recommendations

Real brain training

Mendi let’s you naturally train and strengthen your brain, just like you exercise your body. We’ve taken the best from exclusive brain training clinics which previously cost $100+ per session, improved it, and made it accessible to you.

+ Lifestyle recommendations

Mendi helps you build better habits that help you enhance the benefits from brain training in your daily life through scientifically backed lifestyle recommendations. 

= Healthier brain

By combining both brain training and lifestyle recommendations, Mendi offers you a powerful blend for a healthier brain, backed by leading research.

The tech, explained

The tech, at a glance

These are the innovations and specs that make Mendi the leading-edge choice.


Experience your brain, improved

Natural & risk free training

Can (and should) be used by everyone

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