We are Mendi

The Mendi story began 5 years ago when we were running a neurofeedback clinic in Stockholm.

It started with a clinic

In our neurofeedback clinic 5 years ago, people were wearing sophisticated headsets with sensors that tracked measures such as blood flow, levels of oxygenation and heart rate variability. All of those measures were displayed in real time in front of them. When they completed exercises designed by the clinicians to test their brain’s responses to different stimuli, they could see how their brain activity was changing. The positive effects it had on users and the difference it made to their lives were so impressive to us that we decided it needed to be available to everyone.

From idea to Mendi

We had two ideas
What if we could create a device small enough for people to use in everyday settings? And what if we could make it more affordable so it could be used by everyone? Mendi was already off and running.

Our first question was whether the world was ready for neurofeedback technology at home? We were shocked by what we found. One in four people will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives. The global costs of mental illness are huge. Economic costs (such as healthcare expenses, loss of productivity at work, the impact on families) are estimated to be $6 trillion by 2030. This number is more than the combined costs of cancer, diabetes, and respiratory ailments.

The journey 
has only just begun…

We emerged from our research with a simple purpose: we want to do everything we can to make every brain healthier. Brain health is for all people. We built Mendi to take action, and to help change the trajectory of global mental health. We developed the technology to make brain health accessible to everyone, and we’re really excited to share it.

Our team

It started with two people wanting to improve their lives. Now we are a team of challengers from around the world on a journey to bring brain health and mental well-being to millions of people.

︎Experience your brain, improved

Natural & risk free

Can (and should) be used by everyone

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