Record breaking launch

Mendi launched a campaign on leading crowdfunding platforms Kickstarter and Indiegogo and quickly became the most funded and pre-ordered product in the categories of brain and mental health.

It started with a clinic

Initially, our patients were wearing sophisticated headsets powered by sensors tracking blood flow and oxygenation levels in the brain. The effects of the training were undeniably positive. This realization lead us to pursue Mendi as a project to make sophisticated brain training accessible to the masses at a democratized price point.

From idea to Mendi

Our first question was whether the world was ready for neurofeedback technology at home? We were shocked by what we found. One in four people is estimated to be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in life, skyrocketing global costs of mental illness to a worrying $6 trillion by 2030. This number is more than the combined costs of cancer, diabetes, and respiratory ailments. Something needed to be done. Fast.

The journey has only just begun

We emerged from our research with a simple purpose: we need to do everything we can to make every brain healthier. We built Mendi to take action and to help push the trajectory of global mental health in the right direction.

Our team

It started with two people wanting to help improve lives. Now we are a team of brain health champions from all around the world on a journey to bring Mendi and mental well-being to the masses. Join us!

Experience your brain, improved

Natural & risk free training

Can (and should) be used by everyone

Get your Mendi now

Experience better brain health today.