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Mendi’s growing community of 10 000+ people share their personal stories and insightful experiences of how using Mendi is helping them in many different ways.

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With Mendi you're never alone. You'll be part of a growing community that are experiencing life changing improvements together and supporting each other. This is what they are saying (zoom to read):


Regaining control

What other users say

It has been a week with Mendi. Better sleep - more creativity - better recall - perspective and chill overall vibe compared to a week ago.

Mendi is truly a product everyone should experience. The feeling of controlling your own brain is amazing and unexplainable.



I have been blessed to be successful in my professional life as an entrepreneur and lately I have gained an increasing interest in improving my brain and performance. I started meditating about three years ago and I started going to a neurofeedback clinic in Santa Monica about a year ago. I have a very busy schedule and I travel a lot, so it’s not easy for me to visit a clinician regularly. I heard about Mendi from an investor-friend and thought it was worth giving it a try, without high expectations. Not too often I say this, but I was very impressed. Now I bring my Mendi with me in my laptop bag almost everywhere I go.



AMAZING. INCREDIBLE. WOW. I honestly don’t know where to begin, I’m just very grateful. It’s genuinely the most important thing I have bought in my life.



As a doctor I have been using Neurofeedback in my clinic for more than 5 years now, with +95% success rate. After having used Mendi for almost 2 months now, I'm blown away.

My patients are getting quicker results from Mendi than the in-clinic sessions. I started out hoping to use Mendi as a complement, now the clinic is a complement to Mendi.



Seriously, Mendi is unreal!!! I have been struggling with stress and broken sleep for many years. I have also had migraine for the last 2 years, which I believe has been stress-related. My first time using Mendi was a 15-minute session. That same night I could clearly feel a difference in my sleep. Since then I have mostly done 10-minute sessions and my sleep has completely transformed. I now sleep like when I was a teenager. Additionally my migraines seem to have vanished, at least I have not had any lately. It really feels unreal! never expected it to work so well!



I was diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression. I have tried literally everything out there and nothing has worked for me. In best cases I have found temporary relief, but it either stopped working after a short period or the side effects became too strong to handle. Since using Mendi the changes I have experienced have been astonishing.



I’m in college and have at least some level of ADHD (yes, just like everyone else). This training has done wonders to my concentration, truly amazing. I want to thank you guys for letting me be part of your early access program.



As a professional athlete, every tiny bit of improvement matters. With Mendi I had the biggest single piece of improvement.



I have been working as a yoga and meditation teacher for many years and I’m very keen on natural ways of improving my mental wellbeing. Since using Mendi I have been able to reach fantastic deep states which I have never been able to experience before and my students love it as well because it helps them get into a meditative state a lot quicker.



Helping to form new habits

What journalists say

My golf game continues to be better, and I have no other way to explain that than Mendi.

The Gadgeteer

Keeping yourself in shape is important. Often overlooked, your brain can be trained just like you would a bicep. Mendi makes it possible, using lab-tested tech with a combo of brain-monitoring wearable and an app.


I did my own little non-scientific experiment to test the effectiveness. Each day I would first play the game without focusing on the little ball. Then I would play the game again, and try to focus on the ball as much as I could. The second instance resulted in a higher score every single time, in some instances a much higher score. Having tried this experiment 7 or 8 times, in my experience the tech works as advertised.

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