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Keep rising everyday with Mendi – the powerful brain health system that boosts your mental wellbeing, performance and health.

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Modern life is harmful to our brains

Too much stress. Poor sleep and diet. Lack of exercise. So-called “multi-tasking”. The struggles of modern life are taking their toll on our brain health.

Feeling the strain? Get back in control with Mendi – the brain health system that helps boost your mental wellbeing, performance and health.

A brain health revolution

Mendi brings together the powerful combination of brain training and lifestyle recommendations – for the first time.

Brain training

Mendi shows you what your brain is doing – in real time – so you can exercise your brain like you exercise your body.

Brain health

People use Mendi to support the health of their brains. Exercising your brain enhances your brain health and gives you more control over the life you want to live.

Lifestyle recommendations

Mendi helps you build better, more effective habits – step by step - through lifestyle recommendations that allow you to practice the changes you are building in your brain.

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A recognized method

What’s the fundamental skill that sets top performers apart? Their ability to control their brain activity, allowing them to effectively shift between mental states to achieve exceptional results.

For years, CEOs, athletes and NASA astronauts have been using brain training to improve their brain health and cognitive abilities – so they can rise to the next level.

Expert scientists recommend Mendi

What we know about the brain is that 'if you do not use it, you will lose it'. The brain needs to be trained and used. Brain training for astronauts will be a key factor for future space travel, which is why Nasa is sponsoring the research with Mendi.

Terry Rector

Senior Project Leader, The Aerospace Corporation

Neurofeedback has been proven to help with a wide range of targeted cognitive functions - from focus and stress, to sleep and mood disorders like depression and anxiety, to name a few. Perhaps most fundamentally, a consistent neurofeedback practice can be used by anyone to strengthen individual thought patterns, and therefore make brain health as accessible as bodily health.

Dr Lauren Silbert, PhD

Neuroscientist, Princeton University

I’m very excited to see this technology being used in a consumer device for the first time. The portability opens many new doors.

Dr. Lennart Hogman, PhD

Head of Research, dpt. of Psychology, Stockholm University

Some people may be skeptical now, but in 5-10 years no one will be.

Alan Pope

Distinguished Research Associate, NASA

What our users say

As a doctor I have been using Neurofeedback in my clinic for more than 5 years now, with +95% success rate. After having used Mendi for almost 2 months now, I'm blown away.

My patients are getting quicker results from Mendi than the in-clinic sessions. I started out hoping to use Mendi as a complement, now the clinic is a complement to Mendi.



I was diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression. I have tried literally everything out there and nothing has worked for me. In best cases I have found temporary relief, but it either stopped working after a short period or the side effects became too strong to handle. Since using Mendi the changes I have experienced have been astonishing.



I have been working as a yoga and meditation teacher for many years and I’m very keen on natural ways of improving my mental wellbeing. Since using Mendi I have been able to reach fantastic deep states which I have never been able to experience before and my students love it as well because it helps them get into a meditative state a lot quicker.




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