The most effective method for improving the brain

The most effective method for improving the brain

Introducing Mendi

The world’s most powerful brain training device for home use.

Beautifully designed Headset and App

Your Brain Has Flaws - Here's Why

Your brain consists of networks. It creates pathways automatically, helping you function without the need to make decisions every second. These pathways become your brain's habits. Unfortunately, your brain will also naturally develop negative pathways.

These negative pathways can show up as troubling symptoms or even diagnoses. Examples of these can be the brain triggering stress or anxiety in a non-threatening situation or easily losing focus on tasks. For some people these negative pathways may not be so noticeable yet.

Unfortunately though, your negative pathways will often grow with time if they are not taken care of. This can lead to mental illnesses or physical health problems.

Improve Your Brain’s Weaknesses

Just like the muscles in your body, your brain can be trained. The more you train it, the more you can learn to control your brain activity and reach new heights in brain performance.

Neuroplasticity is the ability to naturally strengthen your brain. By training and strengthening your brain, you can create new pathways that allow for more mental flexibility and higher function.

With Mendi, advanced sensors measure your brain activity. Your brain activity is then visualized in a fun and easy to use training app. By training with Mendi, you effectively strengthen the Prefrontal Cortex (PFC) area of your brain, which controls your brain’s pathways.


Examples of common results:

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CEOs, Artists, Athletes and NASA pilots have been using brain enhancement training to improve health and cognitive abilities for years. The fundamental skill that separates top performers from ordinary people is their ability to control their brain activity, allowing them to effectively shift between mental states.

Traditionally, this type of training was expensive, with people often paying $15,000 or more for a limited number of sessions of clinical neurofeedback, in their attempt to improve health and performance and manage symptoms.

Mendi removes these limitations by offering the only true brain enhancement device that can be used from home. With Mendi, you can perform clinical-grade neurofeedback sessions for a fraction of the price and as many times as you want.

Brain Enhancement Training - A Proven Method

Why You Should Be Using Mendi

For Your Health

Our overall health starts with our brain. In many ways training our brain is even more important than training our body.

Since the brain affects every part of the body, a healthy brain means better physical wellbeing. There is virtually no limit to the number of areas that can be improved by strengthening the brain.

For Better Performance

A well-functioning brain is key to high performance. Brain enhancement training is used by many individuals and organizations to take their performance to higher levels, including:

Artists • Athletes • Entrepreneurs • Executives
Pilots • Academics • Esports • NASA • U.S. Special Forces • Students • Meditators 

Your brain function is essential to your mental and neurological wellbeing. In fact, brain enhancement training is being used every day in clinics and research for individuals experiencing:

Stress • Anxiety • ADHD • Sleep issues • Memory problems • Depression • Fatigue • Migraines • Dyslexia • PTSD • Autism + Many more 

For Mental Wellbeing

Brain Training vs Mind Training

In their attempts to improve brain function, most traditional methods (excluding drugs) such as meditation, therapy, and mind exercises, all focus on training the mind in order to try to strengthen the brain. While it is possible to make some improvements to your brain by training your mind, it is significantly more effective to train your brain directly.


Time efficient


Mind Exercises
(Puzzles, Sudokus, etc.)

Cost effective

Unlimited usage

100% natural

No side effects

Real brain training

View your brain activity


What do early users have to say about Mendi: 



AMAZING. INCREDIBLE. WOW. I honestly don’t know where to begin, I’m just very grateful. It’s the most important thing I have bought in my life.

In the Press

Here’s a peak at why experts are obsessed with Neurofeedback Brain Enhancement Training:

“Based on substantial neurological research, neurofeedback promises to make you more effective at learning how to control your own brain to minimize distraction or stay in a productive state of flow.”


“Neurofeedback has shown to be a clinically effective, non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical treatment method for a host of stress related health challenges: anxiety disorders, depression, migraines, fibromyalgia, ADD, and dyslexia, to name a few.”


“Patients with severe anxiety or ADHD are using neurofeedback instead of medications to change their brainwaves and help their conditions.”


“Neurofeedback aims to be more precise than current therapies. It directly targets the brain dysfunctions and emotional and cognitive processes that are understood to underlie psychiatric disorders.“


“The principle of neurofeedback is very simple. If you have a feedback about your cerebral activity, you are able to learn gradually to control this very activity.”


How It Works

Wear your headset

You headset is used to measure your brain activity. It connects to Mendi’s fun and game-like training app.

Control the game

The game represents your real brain activity. By simply controlling the game you are training your brain.

Anytime, anywhere

Unlimited sessions that can be performed from anywhere.

Time efficient

With just 10-15 mins training, 2-3 times per week, you can achieve major improvements.

The Mendi Story

From an interest in improving their own brain, Mendi founders Sammy and Rickard got involved in professional brain enhancement training and soon after were running a leading neurofeedback clinic. 

Both felt it should not be limited to high income individuals who are able to pay thousands of dollars for a few sessions. With their strong engineering background, they decided to take the challenge of creating an easy to use brain enhancement device that is also affordable.

The team has since grown and has been joined by everyone from researchers and doctors, to designers and hardware experts, all of whom share a common goal of making brain enhancement accessible to everyone.

Despite major breakthroughs and triumphs, the Mendi journey has only just begun…

Experience your brain, improved

Natural & risk free

Can be used by everyone from age 7

Get Your Mendi Now!



Connection: Bluetooth wireless
Connects to iOS and Android devices
Headset color: White/Orange
Textile color: Gray

Battery: Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion 

Battery time: 20-30 sessions (~5 hours)
Charging: microUSB cable
Headband size: Adjustable
Weight: 55g
Lit-up button with logo

Non-invasive proprietary brain measuring sensors
Recommended min age: 7 years old

Main Partner

Mendi is part of Northern Europe's leading startup incubator, Sting.


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Mendi is a training device that enables you to train your brain naturally. Mendi makes no claims that it can cure any diseases or conditions, including any diseases or conditions referenced on its website, print materials or any other place. If you take prescription medications for any of these conditions, you should consult with your doctor before discontinuing use of such medications.


The only clinical-grade brain training device for home use

The only clinical-grade brain training device for home use


Get Mendi now and unleash your brain's full potential

Get Mendi now and unleash your brain's full potential



As a professional athlete, every tiny bit of improvement matters. With Mendi I had the biggest single piece of improvement.



I’m in college and have at least some level of ADHD (yes, just like everyone else). This training has done wonders to my concentration, truly amazing. I want to thank you guys for letting me in on your early user program.

When it comes to brain enhancement, Mendi is the answer.


When it comes to brain enhancement, Mendi is the answer.

Adapt your brain to function better in today's fast paced society


Start Your Own Neurofeedback Sessions At-Home with Mendi

Made with        in Sweden




As a doctor I have been using Neurofeedback in my clinic for more than 5 years now, with +95% success rate. I wanted a real Neurofeedback device to give to my clients to use in between our sessions, so I was very excited when I heard about Mendi. After having used Mendi for almost 2 months now, I'm blown away. My patients are getting quicker results from Mendi than the in-clinic sessions. I started out hoping to use Mendi as a complement, now the clinic is a complement to Mendi.



I have been working as a yoga and meditation teacher for many years and I’m very keen on natural ways of improving my mental wellbeing. I was intrigued by Mendi because it uses modern technology to enable natural training. Since using Mendi I have been able to reach fantastic deep states which I have never been able to experience before and my students love it as well because it helps them get into a meditative state a lot quicker.



I have been blessed to be successful in my professional life as an entrepreneur and lately I have gained an increasing interest in improving my brain and performance. I started meditating about three years ago and I started going to a neurofeedback clinic in Santa Monica about a year ago. I have a very busy schedule and I travel a lot, so it’s not easy for me to visit a clinician regularly. I heard about Mendi from an investor-friend and thought it was worth giving it a try, without high expectations. Not too often I say this, but I was impressed. Now I bring my Mendi with me almost everywhere I go in my laptop bag.



My daughter and I are clients of their Brain Clinic in Stockholm, which have been completely LIFE CHANGING for both of us. I have been following Mendi’s development with incredible excitement and have been emailing Sammy almost on a weekly basis asking when we can get our very own Mendi :) Now our whole family (all 4 of us) are using Mendi regularly. What’s really funny is my husband was skeptical at first. Now he won’t start his day without first using Mendi ;)



Seriously, Mendi is unreal!!! I have been struggling with stress and broken sleep for many years. I have also had migraine for the last 2 years, which I believe has been stress-related. My first time using Mendi was a 15-minute session. That same night I could clearly feel a difference in my sleep. Since then I have mostly done 10-minute sessions and my sleep has completely transformed. I now sleep like when I was a teenager. Additionally my migraines seem to have vanished, at least I have not had any lately. It really feels unreal! never expected it to work so well!



I met Rickard and Sammy at a tech conference while visiting Sweden. They were both walking around with Mendi around their neck. I was able to try Mendi for a few min and thought it was the coolest thing In the world. I was later invited by Rickard to be be part of their early access program. Thanks guys, I really love my Mendi!



I was diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression. I have tried literally everything out there and nothing has worked for me. In best cases I have found temporary relief, but it either stopped working after a short period or the side effects became too strong to handle. Since using Mendi the changes I have experienced have been astonishing.



As a Biohacker & Tech Enthusiast, I love gadgets, especially within health-tech. I own all consumer Neurofeedback and Biofeedback products that have been released, as well as many other health related products. Additionally I have tried 20+ different Nootropics (smart supplements) as well as everything from cryotherapy to floating. I heard about Mendi through one of the Business Coaches at Sting (a startup accelerator that Mendi is a part of) and thought what they were doing was very interesting. I was able to get in touch with the team at Mendi and was later invited to be part of their early access program. As a Mendi user for almost one month now, I have to say I’m deeply impressed. The training is fun, yet powerful with a very clear effect. I usually do 12 minute training sessions. After each session I get a awesome feeling like I’m "ready for anything” haha. Can’t really use words to explain it, needs to be experienced. To sum up, it’s definitely the most powerful biohacking product I have tried and I look forward to each session. Really fantastic product :) I want to wish the Mendi team all the best of luck!


Powerful brain training, fun for all ages

Unlimited sessions, get started with one click

Here’s a quick glance at how easy it is to use Mendi.


How Mendi Can Help Strengthen Your Brain

What Makes Mendi so Special?

Real brain training, finally for home use.
Finally you can do the same brain enhancement training used in research and in leading neurofeedback clinics, both as much as you want and from anywhere you want, saving you thousands of dollars. All made possible thanks to Mendi’s proprietary and patented technology.

Like meditation, but more effective.
Just like meditation and existing devices for home use, Mendi can help you relax and find calmness. But Mendi is the only home device to also help you improve your overall brain function. This normally results in improved performance, reduced symptoms and improved overall health.

Strengthens the most important part of your brain. 
Mendi is the first home device that enables you to strengthen your prefrontal cortex (PFC), which is the most important part of your brain. The PFC is known as “your brain’s CEO”, because it controls every part of your brain.

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Get notified as soon as Mendi is available for you to try.

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Maximize Your Brain's Performance

Strengthen your brain instantly, scientifically, and naturally with Mendi.

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Results From Using Mendi

Examples of improvements reported from Mendi users after 30+ days.

Specific results 

Examples of measured results reported from Mendi users:

Attention/focus - 40% improvement
IQ test scores - 9,5 points increase
Time to fall asleep - 47% faster
Working memory -  36% improvement
Mental processing speed - 33% faster
Sleep needed - 31 minutes less per night

General results

Number of Mendi users reporting improvements in the following: 

Mental wellbeing - 94 of 100 people
Creativity - 90 of 100 people
Learning - 87 of 100 people
Self-discipline - 74 of 100 people
Daily functioning - 92 of of 100 people
Emotional regulation - 81 of 100 people

Try Mendi risk-free!