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From NASA astronauts to staff in health clinics and patients, elite athletes and students, Mendi is being used by world-class organizations. By working with worldwide partners who share Mendi’s culture and ambitions, Mendi hopes to accelerate its commitment to improving brain health and overall mental well-being for millions of people.

NASA x Mendi

Through its work with NASA and the engineer and researcher Terry Rector, Mendi has been helping to support astronauts on their mission to Mars by allowing them to research the neurophysiological and psychological challenges associated with spaceflight. This in turn will help to inform how they can most effectively train and support their astronauts ahead of their missions. Click here to join one of our Meetings with NASA!

Health clinics use Mendi

Hospitals and professional clinics around the world are starting to use Mendi. For instance Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Sweden’s largest hospital and the second largest in all of Europe. Having already tested the device with their staff with positive results, Sahlgrenska University Hospital is now gradually introducing Mendi to patients to support betterment. Mendi will also soon be partnering with a number of other hospitals, including one of the largest in Belgium which will focus on the mental well-being and stress management of the emergency staff.

Elite athletes enjoy Mendi

Mendi is used by elite athletes and sports teams around the world. For instance, Erik Skoglund, the world’s boxing champion finalist, has been using Mendi to rehabilitate after a challenging setback. He believes that finding balance between body and mind is key. Both for elite athletes and for ordinary men.

Schools use Mendi

Schools in the US and Sweden are already using Mendi with students ranging from kindergarten to high school. For example, Mendi is used in Kids World Academy within Granite School District in Salt Lake City.

Mendi for professionals

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