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Mendi joins forces with like-minded partners

Discover Mendi's current partnership and research programs for better brain health across work organizations, education, and beyond.

Stress Management

The stressful nature of emergency medicine (EM) has put physicians at a higher risk of burnout and developing post-traumatic stress disorder. Mendi research partners at KU Leuven (Belgium) are using mendi neurofeedback training to help EM physicians manage workplace stress and avoid burnout.

Space brain training

The ability to stay focused and maintain cognitive agility are key mental elements for astronauts. However, prolonged space travel has been shown to slowly take a toll on astronauts' mental acuity. Funded by NASA, Mendi partners at Aerospace Corporation and the University of North Dakota (USA) are researching brain training protocols using Mendi headbands to help astronauts improve cognitive performance and develop mental fortitude in preparation for long-duration space flights.


With ever-increasing number of children and adults diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, pharmacological medication (amphetamines) has been the primary mode of treatment for decades. However, more efforts are being put into developing auxiliary treatments.

To that end, Mendi is partnering with Sweden's top researchers in ADHD at Sahlgrenska University Hospital and Gothenburg University to develop neurofeedback protocols for ADHD outpatients using the Mendi headband.

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