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An interview with Dan Murray-Serter, Co-founder of Heights

A healthy brain needs nutrition, too. 

By using Mendi, you strengthen your brain and learn how to improve your focus and resilience

But there are other important factors affecting overall brain health. What you put in your body is one of them. 

Mendi x Heights

In celebration of Brain Awareness Week, we’ve joined forces with Heights, the company behind the leading nutritional supplement for brain health, to give the Mendi community access to an exclusive offer of 10% off their Smart Supplement subscription or Braincare Journal. Use code 10MENDI.

Q & A

We got the opportunity to speak with Dan Murray-Serter, Co-founder of Heights, about how the company came about, what makes their products special, and their vision for the future. 


Tell us about Heights? How was it founded?

Like most founders, out of personal experience. My best friend and now business partner Joel was having gut issues and they were really impacting his mental performance as he was feeling really sluggish and low energy.

Meanwhile I had acute insomnia and chronic anxiety having not slept for about six months. After a lot of various attempts, a dietitian solved both ailments and supplements played the key part in both stories — which was crazy to us as we had both been led to believe supplements “don’t work” — but what we learned instead was that the industry was full of bad actors and charlatans so finding ones that were high quality and did work was the actual battle to be won.

And so the idea for Heights was born… 

Where did the name come from?

Well, a LOT of chin scratching and daydreaming — but we wanted to create a name that was uplifting, gave us a brand platform to communicate the various ways that looking after yourself would help you fulfill your potential and live longer — and Heights fulfilled all of that. And yes, occasionally people do ask if it will make them taller… (no it won't, sorry).

What is your brand mission?

To help you do more of what you want, for longer in your life — by making braincare simple.

Tell us about the supplement you offer through Heights, what sets you apart from others on the market?

There’s a reason we have only launched one product in 2 years — we are constantly innovating to make it the best in the world, across 3 dimensions: Quality, trust, and science. Those are pretty easy words for anyone to hide behind, though, so let’s put them to the test:

We source the highest quality nutrients from various suppliers all over the world in the most bioavailable forms (and plant-based, of course). Did you know that nutrients degrade? When you make them they are at their most potent; when they sit in a store cupboard for 2 years , they are much less effective. We reorder our stock every 3 months, meaning if the quality or potency has improved, we improve our formula too. 

We’re a B Corp too and  #1 supplement on Trustpilot in the world. How? Because there’s a lot of misinformation and murky nonsense in the supplement space and we go out our way to clarify the jargon, explain when you might expect to feel things — and our customer care team are trained nutritionists so are on hand to help and support our community looking to learn more about how nutrition can improve their braincare!

Our Chief Science Officer’s PhD was in neuropharmacology so she knows a thing or two about this — but we have also upgraded our formula four times since launching based on doing blood trials with our customers to see how it’s been improving their key nutrient levels whilst we are growing. 

We are committed to making this the single best supplement in the world and are pretty confident we are…

What are the most important challenges people face today when it comes to brain health and mental wellbeing?

Of course (these are my top tops vs. in order of what science says FYI)!

First and most important — get outside every day and go for a walk. Bonus points: listen to a podcast on Audible and you’ve combined vitamin D, nature, fresh air, movement and learning (neuroplasticity) all in one go, which is pretty hard to beat.

The other top tips are nutrition, which is hard (which is why taking Heights makes sure you know your brain is well-fed so you don't have to think about it), drinking enough water (2L a day should do it), practicing gratitude (the Braincare Journal is a great place to start) and, of course, get enough rest. Sleeping is great, but naps are amazing too.

How does Heights support brain health?

Nutrition is the most overlooked area of brain health, despite having some of the most researched evidence. Our Smart Supplement has both the key nutrients and minerals for optimizing your brain’s health as well as essential fatty oils in the form of plant-based EPA and DHA Omega 3 — all inside two capsules. There’s nothing of this quality in the market formulated specifically for your brain’s health today and longevity for the future, let alone one that’s as affordable, convenient or sustainable. 

Beyond our product — our weekly newsletter has over 120,000 readers learning one thing according to science every week that will help them take care of their brains and maximize their potential. 

What's next for Heights?

Well, now we know we can achieve this, we’re thinking of putting ourselves up for Best Picture at the Oscars and maybe the Presidency in the next election. Who knows.

But before that, we’ll be launching our next product: an incredible Smart Probiotic that’s been in the making for the last two years that specifically focuses on impacting mood and cognition. It will be coming out in a few months so watch this space!

And finally, why are you and the Heights team fans of Mendi?

I signed up on the Indiegogo campaign and have had my Mendi headset for almost two years and bought one for my wife too.

Neuroplasticity (learning) is one of the key facets of braincare and fundamental to keeping a healthy brain — and what could be better to keep my brain at peak performance in this sense than Mendi? It’s a beautiful product — and we are very particular with our choices at Heights — only the best for our brains, and Mendi is the best in its space, it’s that simple.

* Valid until April 15 for new customers and first-time subscriptions only. 

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