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Scientists Recommend Mendi

Terry Rector

Senior Project Leader, The Aerospace Corporation

What we know about the brain is that 'if you do not use it, you will lose it'. The brain needs to be trained and used. Brain training for astronauts will be a key factor for future space travel, which is why NASA is sponsoring the research with Mendi.

Dr. Alan Pope, PhD

Distinguished Research Associate, NASA

Some people may be skeptical now, but in 5-10 years no one will be.

Dr. Lauren Silbert, PhD

Neuroscientist, Princeton University

Neurofeedback brain training has been proven to help with a wide range of cognitive functions - from focus and stress, to sleep and mood disorders. Perhaps most fundamentally, consistent training can be used by anyone to improve their brain’s physical health.

Dr. Ben Rein, PhD

Neuroscientist, Science Communicator, Stanford University

Mendi is bringing historically expensive brain imaging equipment directly to the public, allowing for at-home neurofeedback training. This is a company that adheres closely to the science, and I respect that tremendously.

Dr. Cody Rall, M.D.

Fmr. US Navy Psychiatrist, Neurotech Expert, Founder of Tech For Psych

I review a lot of different devices on Techforpsych and you might be wondering if the Mendi is the right choice for you. I would say this is the best device out there for focus overall.

Dr. Francesco Bez, PhD

Neuroscientist, Lund University

A good blood flow in the PFC (prefrontal cortex region of your brain) has been correlated with a general better health, memory and high performance. There’s also evidence that a brain that is more “fit” and with a lot of connections can slow down the onset of diseases.

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Take control of your mental fitness with our headband's precise brain activity measurements, paving the way for a sharper, more focused you.

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Our game provides an immersive method to train your mind, turning the journey to mental improvement into an enjoyable experience.

Mood Reporting

Track your emotions

Gain insights into your emotional well-being with app features that track your mood throughout your journey.


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