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Less distractions, better performance

Block out distractions, stay focused and achieve peak performance with Mendi

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A brain health revolution for sports athletes

Mendi is a neurofeedback headset that uses lab-grade technology to make brain training accessible to anyone, anywhere. As a competitive athlete, staying calm, focused and mentally strong is vital. With Mendi’s neurofeedback device, you can train your brain to stay focused for longer and improve your results with increased mental resilience.

The Mendi neurofeedback headset and accompanying app

Making the invisible, visible

By visualizing what your brain is doing in a ‘mirror', you can train it to become stronger, just like you train the muscles in your body.

Measure your brain activity

The comfortable Mendi headband is fitted with non-intrusive sensors that bring your brain activity to life.

When you put the headband on, the sensors measure your oxygenated blood flow and neural activity.

Visualize and train your brain

See your brain activity visualized in Mendi’s training game. You control the game using only your brain, simply by focusing. Mendi makes brain training tangible and visible.

Make the ball rise and earn points. These are both signs you’re increasing your brain activity and strengthening your neural pathways. The goal? Better brain performance and a more focused mindset.

Track your progress and improve performance

Measure your progress, compare your results over time, and track specific improvements you’re seeing – whether it’s in your focus, ability to block out distractions, sleep or mental resilience.

Add tags and notes to your sessions to record your experiences and enhance your journey towards a stronger brain.

Elite athletes use Mendi

Mendi is used by elite athletes and sports teams around the world including North European gymnast champion William Broman.

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