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Set yourself up for success with Mendi brain training. Mendi combines neuroscience with breakthrough neurofeedback technology for home use to empower you to transform your mental state and perform better in all areas of life. Train to remain sharp under pressure and reap the rewards of a focused mind in the moments that matter most. Because although results matter, if we focus on the quality of the process itself - the rest will come.

  • Develop a barrier against external distractions

  • Learn to control internal chatter and mind wandering

  • Produce higher quality work

  • Be present in the process

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Paul Palmer

Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom.

Today I’ve had my least productive day of the week and have just realized I didn’t have time to do my Mendi practice. I don’t think this is a coincidence. I wasn’t trialing on purpose, haven’t intentionally focussed but just realized. To me, that is a blind trial that worked (I work in Pharma manufacturing) Paul.

Hanne J. Haavik


At first, training with Mendi taught me to recognize when my mind started wandering, enabling me to claim my focus back faster than before. Later, I saw how that lesson applied to all aspects of life and that it would stick with me for life; I’ve been handed a tool I know how to use when - for which I am indescribably grateful. Now, (post a severe head injury) it’s clear to me that being able to stay focused/having a trained mind is the key factor to me making better and healthier decisions. Ultimately, it’s a beautiful ripple effect that started with Mendi. Thank you!

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