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Modern life is harming our brains

Too much stress and pressure. Poor sleep and diet. Smartphones. While modern life has many positives, it also brings bigger struggles and a heavier toll on our brains and mental health than ever before. We’re undergoing a ‘tsunami’ of stress and anxiety that is degrading and shortening our lives, making it one of the biggest challenges our society is facing. And this will only continue to get worse.

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A brain health revolution

Mendi is the most powerful brain training product for home use. The smart and natural way to take care of your brain and mental health. 

Real brain training, finally for home use

Mendi lets you train and strengthen your brain, just like you train your body. By visualizing what your brain is doing in a ‘mirror', you can train it naturally and effectively. We’ve taken the best from exclusive brain training clinics which cost $100+ per session, improved it, and made it accessible to you. So you can train your brain - anytime, anywhere.

Expert scientists recommend Mendi

Dr. Alan Pope, PhD

Distinguished Research Associate, NASA

Some people may be skeptical now, but in 5-10 years no one will be.

Dr. Terry Rector, PhD

Senior Project Leader, The Aerospace Corporation (NASA)

What we know about the brain is that 'if you do not use it, you will lose it'. The brain needs to be trained and used. Brain training for astronauts will be a key factor for future space travel, which is why NASA is sponsoring the research with Mendi.

Dr. Lauren Silbert, PhD

Neuroscientist, Princeton University

Neurofeedback brain training has been proven to help with a wide range of cognitive functions - from focus and stress, to sleep and mood disorders. Perhaps most fundamentally, consistent training can be used by anyone to improve their brain’s physical health.

Dr. Francesco Bez, PhD

Neuroscientist, Lund University

A good blood flow in the PFC (prefrontal cortex region of your brain) has been correlated with a general better health, memory and high performance. There’s also evidence that a brain that is more “fit” and with a lot of connections can slow down the onset of diseases.

Breaking records

After a successful launch through crowdfunding and becoming the most funded & pre-ordered product in history in the categories of brain and mental health, we’re incredibly excited to continue offering early access to Mendi for you, here on our own website. 

Mendi can help you improve

energy and motivation

focus and attention

relaxation and sleep



mental clarity


How Mendi works

Wear the headset

The headset is used to measure your brain activity. It automatically connects to Mendi's app.

Mendi uses safe fNIRS technology, meaning it uses light to read blood flow in your brain. The headset is only used for measurement.

Control the training game

Success with every session

Time efficient

The headset is used to measure your brain activity. It automatically connects to Mendi's app.

Mendi uses safe fNIRS technology, meaning it uses light to read blood flow in your brain. The headset is only used for measurement.

What users say

Used by NASA and hospitals

NASA is using Mendi to train astronauts for Mars and leading hospitals are using Mendi both for patients and their own employees. Learn more in Mendi for professionals.

A recognized method

What’s the fundamental skill that sets top performers apart? Their ability to control their brain activity, allowing them to effectively shift between mental states to achieve exceptional results.

For years, CEOs, athletes and astronauts have been using brain training to improve their brain health and cognitive abilities – so they can rise to the next level.

Introducing Neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity is the ability to train, rewire and grow healthy networks in your brain. Meditation, Yoga and Therapy can help but unfortunately have limitations. That’s where Neurofeedback comes in. Neurofeedback shows you what your brain is doing in real time, so you can effectively train and strengthen healthy brain function.

Next level of Meditation

Imagine meditation, but easier, more effective and fun. And less time required? It's here.

Mendi's training game can be controlled with focus & meditation, meaning you're getting the full benefits of both meditation and attention training, enhanced through live visual feedback.

Strengthening your brain with every session

Just like muscles growing from physical training, every time you train with Mendi you’re naturally growing healthy new brain networks and neurons that strengthen your brain. Below is an animation that shows a simplified version of what happens in your brain when training with Mendi.