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All About Mendi


Finally, we’re making it possible for you to access the same brain training used by top athletes and executives to improve mental well-being, performance & overall health. With Mendi you can strengthen your brain anytime, anywhere.



We're bringing neurofeedback clinics to youNeurofeedback clinics are hard to access or afford, with each neurofeedback session costing hundreds of dollars. With Mendi we are bringing the same training, with added improvements, to the comfort of your home. Mendi is the first brain training product designed for home use.

With Mendi, you can strengthen your brain in a fun and easy way. Simply control a training game with your brain.


Your brain learns from feedback. Through live visual feedback of what your brain is doing, you are able to train it to function better - the method is called neurofeedback. 

Mendi’s headset measures your brain activity through a unique combination of features, including blood flow and oxygenation in the Prefrontal Cortex (PFC). Think of it as measuring fuel in your brain’s control centre.

Your combined brain activity is then visualised in a training game -  a game you control using only your mind. Just relax and focus, and you will easily control the game.

The PFC is the control centre of your brain. Increasing blood flow, nutrients and oxygenation to this area strengthens it over time—which is what you learn to do with Mendi! 

Mendi’s growing community shares their personal stories and insightful experiences of how using Mendi is helping them in many different ways.



Mendi makes brain training a fun and easy part of your daily routine. See your brain activity increase as it happens and track your progress over time. The app is free to use and we’re adding new features regularly.

Follow your progress in the app Journal with a simple overview of all your training sessions saved in one place.



"My golf game continues to be better, and I have no other way to explain that than Mendi”  The Gadgeteer

 "Mendi is the brain workout you didn’t know you needed”  Explica

 "Keeping yourself in shape is important. Often overlooked, your brain can be trained just like you would a bicep. Mendi makes it possible, using lab-tested tech with a combo of brain-monitoring wearable and an app”  Uncrate

 "It's actually very relaxing and might help relieve some of the stress you're feeling during the COVID-19 health crisis"  Techwalla

—“In the meantime, I did my own little non-scientific experiment to test the effectiveness. Each day I would first play the game without focusing on the little ball. Then I would play the game again, and try to focus on the ball as much as I could. The second instance resulted in a higher score every single time, in some instances a much higher score. Having tried this experiment 7 or 8 times, in my experience the tech works as advertised”  Gadgets & Wearables

Mendi is the first brain training product designed for home use.
Traditionally, brain training is considered expensive, with people paying up to $15,000 or more for clinical neurofeedback, in their quest to improve health and performance. With Mendi you can perform unlimited neurofeedback training for a fraction of the price.

In their attempts to improve brain function, most traditional methods (excluding drugs) such as meditation, therapy, and mind exercises (puzzles, sudokus etc.) all focus on training the mind in order to try to strengthen the brain. While it’s possible to make some improvements to your brain by training your mind, Mendi lets you train your brain directly. 

As we push ourselves to always achieve more, the limiting factor is not our physical capacity but rather our mental fitness. Our ability to focus, create, process and remember depends on our brain. That’s why CEOs, artists, athletes, and NASA astronauts use techniques like brain training to improve their cognitive function and overall health.

Here is what you need to know about Mendi and other products:  



Just like your body, your brain needs to stay active to be strong. Your brain consists of networks. It creates pathways automatically, helping you function without having to make decisions every second. These pathways become your brain's habits.

Unfortunately, your brain will also naturally develop negative pathways. These negative pathways appear in different forms, including stress, anxiety, or inability to focus. These negative pathways form naturally over time and in response to different situations.

These negative pathways will often increase if they are not addressed, leading to poor mental or physical health.


Just like the muscles in your body, you can train your brain to be stronger. When you train your brain, you learn to stimulate the flow of essential nutrients to the areas of the brain that need it most.

Neuroplasticity is the ability to naturally strengthen your brain. By training and strengthening your brain, you can create new pathways that allow for more mental flexibility and higher function.

Your brain learns from feedback. Through live visual feedback of what your brain is doing, you are able to train it to function better - the method is called neurofeedback.

Mendi uses neurofeedback to provide live, visual feedback through the app based on your brain activity (which is monitored by the headset). The Mendi headset uses advanced fNIRS technology to monitor activity in your brain. The app provides training requiring focus and calmness. This subsequently increases activity in your prefrontal cortex (PFC), which controls your brain’s pathways.

The PFC is the control centre of your brain. Increasing blood flow, nutrients and oxygenation to this area strengthens it over time—which is what you learn to do with Mendi!

Here’s a peak at why experts are obsessed with Neurofeedback Brain Enhancement Training:

Brain training is used in clinics all over the world, our mission is to bring the clinic to you with Mendi - the first of its kind for home use. All great things must start somewhere, and Mendi has been tried and tested in clinics across Europe. 

Mendi being used at a clinic in Stockholm.

Mendi is used by elite athletes and sports teams around the world. 

University of Cincinnati Sports Performance uses Mendi.

Employees at companies such as Spotify, Google and WeWork are training with Mendi.   

Employees at WeWork and their tenants using Mendi.

Schools in the U.S. and Sweden are already using Mendi with students ranging from kindergarten to high school.

Mendi is used in Kids World Academy within Granite School District in Salt Lake City.


In January 2020 we opened the Brain Gym in a shopping mall in central Stockholm. Backed by the property owner, visitors can try Mendi with the headset and app. The training is free and everyone is welcome!

People doing brain training at Mendi's brain gym.